Digital Massflowmeters
Digital Massflowmeters

Non-thermal massflowmeters, precision ±1%, for measurement of gas volumes (alternative for gas meters)

For non-corrosive gasses

20 gases + 10 gas mixtures, incl. air, pre-programmed

Display of flow, temperature, pressure, total volume and correction to standard conditions.

Signal output 0-5V or 4-20mA.

Measuring range from 0-1mL/min up to 0-2000L/min.

Optional batterypack

Also as controller possible.

NEW: special series with low pressure drop. please ask for details

Digital Massflowmeters
Precision +/-0.8% MV + 0.2%FS
Analog exit 0-5VDC ; RS232 ; 4-20mA (option)
Supply voltage 12VDC/300mA (230V adapter included in delivery capacity)
Optional Totaliser function (e.g. for use as gasmeter)
Software + cable RS232 for direct connection to computer
Optional 2nd analog exit (VDC or 4-20mA for flow, temperature, pressure, to be specified at order)
Optional rechargable batterypack
Optional Massflow controller instead of meter (battery pack not possible)


up to 20 l/min: 1/8" NPT female

20 - 100l/min: 1/4" NPT female

100 -   250l/min: 1/2" NPT female

250 - 2000 l/min: 3/4" NPT female

Digital Massflowmeters
Digital Massflowmeters
Digital Massflowmeters