Do you need support or have a question about our products, please call us:

Office in Germany +49 (0) 2137 948 4999
Kristof: Office +32 (0)14750136 Mobile +32 499715529

Or email:  /


We offer repairs for all kinds of products, all kinds of brands. Please send the defective product to

- our warehouse in Neuss, Germany (Mr. Peter Malek, Ruhrstrasse 49, 41469 Neuss, Germany)

- our workshop in Westmeerbeek, Belgium (Mr. Johan Paulissen, Corbeillestraat 83, 2235 Westmeerbeek, Belgium)

or ask us to come and pick it up.

Rental equipment

We have TOC analyzers (J.U.M.), heated sampling lines, non-methane convertor, sample diluter, O2-analyzers, compact gas conditioners ready for rent.

Occasionally we also have heated probes, pitot tubes etc.

Transport damage

Please report any transport damage immediately


Please find the manuals, if available, at the download section of the product in question (tip: use our search bar) or ask us directly.

Custom made products

We can offer any type of custom made product. Please contact us for a visit at your site for a full discussion about requirements, technical data, feasability etc.